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2012 camry and g key eve one

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Hello Everyone,

I have installed the evo one with T-Harness on my 2012 Camry SE. I was able to program key bypass without an issues. I want to find out do I need to have the RF kit for remote starter? I had it program to use it using the oem remote but its not doing anything when I press lock it three times. Am I doing somthing wrong or it's only needs the RF kit.

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asked Apr 21, 2015 in Toyota by Pratik Patel (220 points)
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what's the 12 digit service number of the evo-one?

is your car automatic transmission? if it is, you need to cut the yellow loop on the back of the unit.
answered Apr 21, 2015 by Robb (232,460 points)

Here is the info that you requested.

002B05 018605

Yes it's auto transmission. Yes I have the yellow loop on the back of the unit cut.