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Need a Dcryptor reset please and flasher aswell, Also cant get my evo one to get pass step 4. Any help will be much appreciated.

Can bus connected, do i need to connect anything else?

SN=002B04 013259
asked Oct 8, 2019 in Infiniti by Kevin Lay (390 points)
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Only CAN. The fact dcryptor worked a few times (which is why it got locked), means there is an issue elsewhere.

Are you attempting to do 3xlock on this car by any chance?
answered Oct 8, 2019 by Robb (255,780 points)
Yes, I have attemp the 3xlock, Would that have something to do with the dcryptor?I mean when I first recieve the unit the Dcryptor never suceeded at 100% it will tell me thats there was an (error transmission)and (Receive error )every time i try to dcrypt the unit.

No, dcryptor is completely different from being able to detect the factory remotes. 

Dcryptor is simply to make a virtual copy of chip in your key.


For 3xlock start to work, we need to be able to detect the OEM remote lock commands, which is not available on the 2006 G35.  When 3xlock is available, it would be listed under Advanced Features. You will notice that RF-KIT is a requirement. 

(1)So i need an rf kit correct? I do have one a crimestopper remoter starter can i use them both?

(2)Do you know why i cant get the blue light to flash rapidly, I connected the can-bus update firmware is there another way that i can bypass that?
1- The two crimestopper RF-KITS are called REVO1 and/or REVO4. Any other of there starters are not rf-kits.


2- For programming, please call support.
I do have the Revo4, Im going to downgrade the firmware see if that changes anything on the evo one.

To program the REVO4, follow all the steps in the guide.



Can't seem to find the options for configurations and the unit options on the flash link manager.

1- make sure you are on the Remote Starter tab and not bypass tab.

2- All the way to the top left there will a regular menu with Files - Tool - Configuration - Help.


If you do not have that menu, check on the right side for a little arrow. It will open up the menu bar. That means you have windows 8.