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Obd2 fuse for 2016 rogue turn key

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So I'm working on a 2016 nissan rogue turn key. Somehow when moving the obd2 port out of the way the 12v wire just fell out the back of the obd2 port and hit ground and popped the fuse. Any idea what fuse it is? I heard a faint pop from the drivers fuse box. Customer was already rushing us as she didnt understand what "plan to be without your vehicle for the day" means. So I threw it back together, but need to figure out what fuse it is. Anyone know what one to look for? I didnt see anything labeled obd2. Using evo all not that it matters
asked Feb 7 in Nissan by Daniel Waslenko (2,640 points)

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Maybe this will help if you didnt find it yet


answered Feb 7 by Robb (237,520 points)
Thank you. She is stopping by tomorrow