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Can't get bypass to recognize key in ignition during programming. What am i missing?

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I am using the evo all as a bypass only with a compustar remote start system. When i go to program the bypass for the keysense, the red LED doesn't start to flash or do anything when i insert the key? It just stays solid. Do i need to update my software information on my bypass module? I thought these units came all ready out of the box. I am installing on a 2008 toyota sienna.
asked Feb 12 in Toyota by Daniel Fiedler (180 points)

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What is the service number to the module?


What guide have you followed? Please provide guide number on page 1.
answered Feb 12 by Derek (186,660 points)
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The guide i used was #85471. My service number is 001A6 627684
It should work at 4.18.


Make sure when you try to program you plug in the 20 pin before the power connector.



If the light still doesnt flash then make sure you arent using a valet key and check your RX and TX connections.
I rechecked my RX and TX wire and it matches up with the wire color on the diagram. I retried programming with everything disconnected and hooking it all back up in the steps that the guide provided. I am using a regular key. What else can I try to get it programmed? It is still doing the same thing.
try swapping your rx and tx...
I tried switching the wires and it didn't work. I am showing a ground on the key sense wire when the key is inserted and a ground on the light blue black wire(RX) before key is inserted and a temporary 5v and back to ground after inserting the key. The TX wire i have nothing on and no change when putting key in and taking it out. What is the TX wire supposed to show?
Perhaps try a different key if you have one.

or try flashing it at this point?


Also please ensure you are not using any type of quick connect on the wires (t-taps, posi taps etc).
I found the issue. The TX wire was showing nothing so i relooked at the solder connections i made and the TX wire came loose. Resoldered the wire and it flashed perfectly. Thank you for you help.