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Wires on Excalibur echo 5, 2 way rf extender kit

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I see the install where you take off the data plug from harness and put in the green,blue,red,black wire from echo 5 antenna but there are three more wires. The gray is for valet switch so I don't need to hook that up but the are another blue,green wire that's say led where do I hook them up to or I don't have too? Using evo-all standalone setup with chrt-5 wiring harness. Do i just join the other blue and green wires with the other blue and green, then the led lights on the antenna will work right?
asked 6 days ago in FAQ by Jason Field (130 points)
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Here is the guide for the kit I do not know what the wires do as we do not make the remotes/antenna. You can also try contacting Excalibur directly. 

answered 6 days ago by Derek (172,660 points)