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Evo one wont program 2016 corolla OEM Key fob

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Hi I connected Ignition Harness, then OBDII and then 30 pin connector. I have OEM fob key.

When I am trying to program the Evo-One, till step 4 everything is good, but on Step 5 of programming, it only blinks red led for 3 times and pause again 3 red led. I tried reseting EVo-One but not luck.

I do not have TPMS.

Any help would be appreaciated.
asked Mar 1 in Toyota by Jagdeep Grewal (130 points)

1 Answer

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3 red flash means no reponse from vehicle. We talk on the wire on the 20 pin connector of the evo. That wire in turn, goes down to the OBDII port.


Try unplugging and replugging the connectors for the OBDII port. Ensure they are fully seated.


If that does not do it I would need the s/n to the module.
answered Mar 2 by Derek (177,890 points)
I have toy8 harness, and i tried connecting and disconnecting it many times, but no difference in result.

SN:002B04 065807