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2005 4Runner with Evo One & T-Harrness, RFK942, programmed, lock and unlock work but will not remote start

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I have a 2005 4Runner with the Evo One installed per guide 84911.  Installed RFL942 RF kit.  Was able to program unit with Flash Link Updater, and program one key for bypass.  Was able to program both remotes.  Can lock and unlock car with both remotes.  Remote start will not work.  When remote start is initiated, the red LED next to the programbutton on the Evo One will blink 3 times, and nothing more.  Parking lights wil not blink.  No ignition, no start, nothing more.  The remote will report that the start did not work.

Also the RFK942 antenna bule LED does not light up.  It did initially after install and remote programming, but it no longer does.  I'm not sure if this is something that I turned off in the programming, as I tried several different options there, including starting over with the programming guide.

I attempted to factory reset the Evo One, however I was unable to get the unit to factory default, as described in the help links.  I don't have a data link harness setup, so I was undertain if it is not possible, or if the reset can be attempted while connected to the Flash Link Updater.  It's be nice if there was a factory default option in the PC program, but starting over seens to do the same thing.

What can I do to troubleshoot this?  Is the unit defective, or am I missing some step?
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3 flashes is Ready Mode not enabled for manual transmission vehicles.

Is the vehicle automatic transmission? If so, did you cut the little yellow wire on the back of the unit?


The led on the antenna, will flash slowly when Lock is received and be OFF when last command received is unlock.
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This is a 2005 4Runner.  They don't come in manual in this year.  The yellow wire was cut at the time of install.  I don't believe that the unit is working the way that it is supposed to work if it is acting like a manual transmission with the yellow wire cut.  If there some programming that needs to be adjusted, or is there some other defect in the version of code it is running?
There is no programming for that.  It's only that yellow wire that decides the outcome.

You can try reflashing the remote start firmware, 1.25.


If there is low voltage on either A1 or E5 while the car is off, this would be the only other reason since the module would be seeing ignition on already.
Thank you for your response.  A1 is disconnected. I will check E5, but it seems unlikely that this is the issue, as I assume it would be the same behavior as if the ignition was actually on.  I will try other versions of the flash as well.
Reflashed the code, both the remote start and bypass.  First the bypass down to 78.48, which would not recognize the remote, then up to 79.59 (newest just released).  Just reflashed the remote start to 1.25.  I also made some changes to options A11, and 32.  No changes in behavior were observed.

I want to update the description of the problem.  The ONLY time that this system will leave ready mode is if it is remote started and then I use the key take over and pres the brake.  If I do not remote start, I can start the car withteh key, drive it, open all doors, windows, accessories, open the hood, etc. and still not have it leave ready mode.  If it leaves ready mode, I have to put it back in by remote starting it while the car is running, just like a manual transmission car.

I did not observe any low voltage on E1, and A1 is dosconnected.  Given that the only way for it to leave ready mode is while the ignition is on, low voltage does not seem like a likely issue.

Anything "Bypass mode" mode related has nothing to do with anything. It's only for immobilizer bypass. So flashing the bypass, reprogramming the bypass, will not change anything in regards to the module still thinking it's in a manual transmission vehicle.


1. Reset everything and get the evo to stock.

---- Reset bpyass:

---- Reset remote starter portion, then disconnect and reconnect power. If the RS reset worked, your remotes should not be functional at all anymore. If they are still functional, redo the reset.


2. Don't even bother trying to program the key yet. The starter can be tested by simply having the key slid into the ignition barrel.


3. With everything connected

---- take the PINK/BLACK wire and ground it for 2 seconds

---- take the BROWN/WHITE wire and ground it for 2 seconds.


4. Connect EVO to flash link and set up any remote start options needed. (dont bother changing anything on the bypass side).


5. Reprogram your remotes.


6. Test remote starter