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Evo start 2

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Hi there I am using Honda Odyssey 2019 auto and trying to install evo start 2 with evo one my problem is I can’t start car by phone but I can start car by oem remote with 3 lock  so my question is did I make a mistake in programming evo one because last time when I did program evo one with same Antena EvoStart 2 for Honda Accord 2014 I got wizard mode and rf kit enable option but this time I got pro mode I can’t found rf kit or any similar options please help me

thanks in advance
asked 2 weeks ago in Honda by Mohmedasraf (160 points)

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The evostart2 antenna must be paired with evoone module.

answered 2 weeks ago by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (58,060 points)